David Stang with friendDavid has loved wildlife and the outdoors all his life. As a kid on Long Island’s Great South Bay, he camped with the Boy Scouts, messed around in little boats, swam, and explored the water world. As an undergraduate, he took courses in ecology, wildlife management, soil and water conservation, ichthyology, and ornithology. David Pimentel once invited him to be his grad student in Ecology, an offer he should have accepted.

David’s first career was as a research psychologist; his second in software development, computer security, and business development. Scouting In the course of these careers, he taught college, wrote a dozen books and hundreds of articles, and gave hundreds of seminars around the world.

Now retired, David can do what he loves: immerse himself in nature and computers, and play with his mule, Freckles.  He holds a B.S. from Cornell University, an M.S. from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. from Syracuse University.   He enjoys writing and writing software. He also enjoys photography, and has donated over 40,000 of his nature photographs to Wikimedia Commons.



  • Experimental Social Psychologist. Professor at Queens College, City University of New York, University of Maryland, Catholic University, University of the District of Columbia. Published over 100 research papers in professional journals. See here.
  • Entrepreneur: founded and directed several companies, including
    • Starware (1981): first IBM PC systems house in the Washington area, first software house in the area, first mail order distributor of third party PC components in the world.
    • The National Computer Security Association (1989) (now renamed ICSA Labs).
    • Quarterdeck’s Antivirus Research Center.
    • Founded and directed North American operations of Norman Data Defense Systems, a Norwegian anti-virus company.  Acquired and supported clients such as Toys `r` Us, Revlon, Ocean Spray, the Secret Service, the Army Corps of Engineers. Won the anti-virus contract for the entire Department of Defense.
    • Cofounded PestPatrol, where he was in charge of research, development and support and directed the Center for Pest Research. PestPatrol was acquired by Computer Associates in August, 2004.
  • Software Developer: Wrote Math Drills (first math tutorial application for IBM PC). Designed the Draftsman (first professional graphics program for the IBM PC; first program to use the F1 key to invoke context-sensitive help). Created world`s first fully automated virus analysis system, which captured viruses, ran and analyzed them, created and tested detection and removal instructions, provided those instructions to the user in need, and cleaned itself — all in about 5 minutes per virus. Created first software to automatically update itself, and coined the term autoupdate. Created Pest Patrol, once world’s best selling anti-spyware program. Recently developed AudiOh!, a cell phone application that will identify birds and other animals from their sounds.  He is now trying to write code to help defend against bot attacks.